Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

Our company’s Quality Policy is:

  • We take pride in serving our customers at the highest possible quality standards at all the times.
  • We make our operations and staff better and unique by innovation and continuous improvement so that we can provide quality products which are competitive.
  • We, together with our suppliers make every effort to ensure the on-going satisfactions of our customer’s needs and expectations.
  • We focus on adding value to our customer’s products by providing design, manufacturing, material and performance related solutions.

TS/ISO certified


Quality Assurance equipment

Quality Assurance in SMT is managed through a series of equipment, such as:


  • Gas Pycnometer is an accurate measuring equipment for volume and true density inspection of solids product and metal powders
  • Fast inspection with good result repeatability to ensure full control of density requirement and specification during entire MIM process


  • Auto-polishing equipment is used for sample preparation of microstructure analysis
  • Highly efficient and operator-independent operation to provide high quality surface finishing of sample for accurate reporting of microstructure and micro-hardness inspections


  • Metallurgical Microscope used for porosity and grain size analysis of final product
  • Ensure that microstructure of final product meeting customer specification while maintaining desirable mechanical properties


  • Smart-scope system is used for linear and non-linear dimensional measurement, requiring high accuracy reporting
  • Provides fast and repeatable dimensional inspection through programming and auto-run function


  • High accuracy of hardness inspection achieved through two different testers, catering to different hardness and size of product
  • Vickers Hardness Tester: Applicable for load test ranging from 0.2 – 30kgs
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester: Applicable for load test ranging from Rockwell C scale, Rockwell Superficial Hardness and Brinell Hardness
  • Ensure conformation of hardness requirement for every outgoing shipment to customer


  • Fast and accurate inspection of Chemical Composition of final product
  • Ensure no contamination to product during MIM process and conform to raw material specifications