Material Capabilities

In today’s competitive global marketplace, the best material technologies deliver sustainability at every level of the manufacturing value chain. MIM materials are mainly focus on metal alloys and it can be differentiate into two categories which are ferrous and non-ferrous:

Metal Alloys
Ferrous Non-Ferrous (Engineering)
Low-Alloy Steels High-Alloy Steels
  • Pure Iron
  • Fe-Ni Alloys
  • Fe-Si Alloys
  • Fe-Co Alloys
  • 16MnCr5 Steel
  • 42CrMo4 Steel
  • 100Cr6 Steel
  • Kovar
Stainless steel

  • Austenitic 300 Series
  • Martensitic 400 Series
  • Precipitation

Hardenable 17-4PH

  • Copper and its Alloy
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Titanium Alloys

productsBesides MIM, SMT also provide engineering trial in Engineering Ceramics Injection Molding (CIM).
Ceramics (Engineering):

  • Alumina
  • Translucent Alumina
  • Zirconia