PDP Policy

 1. Purpose 

This procedure defines the personal data and privacy (PDP) policy adopted by SMT.

2. Scope

 Applicable to all SMT business activities and governing the use of SMT website in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.


 Applicable for all employee of SMT.

4. Procedure

 4.1  Policy Statement

4.1.1 This page contains the personal data protection and privacy policies adopted by SolidMicron Technologies Pte Ltd (the “Company”) in conducting its business activities and governing the use of this website (the “Site”) in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (the “Act”).

4.1.2 The Company respects the privacy of individuals and recognizes the need to treat personal data in an appropriate and lawful manner, and is committed to comply with its obligations in this regard, in respect of all personal data it handles.

4.1.3 We may change some parts or all of the contents of this policy from time to time, and you are advised to check the content of this policy on a regular basis.

4.1.4 If you consider that this policy has not been followed in respect of personal data about you or others, you should raise the matter with the Data Protection Committee as soon as possible.

4.2  Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

4.2.1 Generally, the Company collects, uses and discloses your personal data for the following purpose:       Administering and processing your job applications;       Efficient management of human resources, immigration and re-employment;       Managing and exercising employee’s share options;       Business related publications and business development; or       Internal record keeping.

4.2.2  For the purposes stated above, the Company may collect personal information via website, emails, telephone, application form, administrative form or other means. The personal information collected by the Company includes, but not limited to the following:       Name;       NRIC/FIN/Passport Number;       Nationality;     Marital status;       Academic qualifications;       Date of birth;       Gender;       Company name;       Job title/profession;    Contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers;    Demographic information such as address, postal code, preferences and interests;    Financial information such as bank account or credit/debit card numbers;    Employment history;    Signature; and    Photograph

4.2.3 Any personal data supplied by you will be retained by the Company as long as necessary according to our internal policy for the fulfillment of the purposes stated above or is required to satisfy legal regulatory or accounting requirements.

 4.3  Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

4.3.1 The Company will take reasonable steps to protect your personal data against unauthorized disclosure. Subject to the provisions of any applicable law, your personal data may be disclosed, for the purposes listed above (where applicable), to the following: Our management team and employees who have official business need to access your personal data; Agents, contractors or third party service providers who provide operational services to the Company, such as courier services, printing, training, or other services; Our professional advisers such as auditors and lawyers; Relevant government regulators, statutory boards or authorities or law enforcement agencies to comply with any laws, rules, guidelines and regulations or schemes imposed by any governmental authority; and Any other party to whom you authorize us to disclose your personal data to.

4.3.2 Unless we are obliged or permitted by the Act to do so, your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.

 4.3.3 The Company will use its reasonable endeavors to ensure that the third parties, whom your personal data being disclosed to, will provide a comparable standard of protection to your personal data. However, we do not provide any warranty or take any responsibility of any misuse undertaken by third parties.

4.4  Consents

4.4.1 By submitting your personal data to us, you agree and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by the Company for some or all of the purposes mentioned above.

 4.4.2 If at any time we decide to collect, use or disclose your personal data in a different manner to the purposes set out above, we will request your consent to the additional purpose in writing, which you may refuse to give at your discretion.

 4.4.3 If you provide us with personal information relating to a third party (e.g. information of your spouse, children, parents or relatives), you represent to us that you have obtained the consent of the third party to provide us with their personal data for the respective purposes.

 4.4.4 You may at any time withdraw any consent given in respect of the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data by giving prior notice in the form of a request addressed to the Data Protection Committee.

 4.4.5 In the event you withdraw your consent to the Company for the processing of your personal data for the purposes mentioned above, we shall cease to process your personal data within 10 working days upon receiving your withdrawal request (“effective date”). The withdrawal of consent does not affect the personal data that was collected, used or disclosed by the Company before the effective date. Please note that once consent is withdrawn, your request for any of the above purposes may as well be cancelled, and hence we will not be able to fulfill our service or employment obligation to you.

4.5  Access and Correction to Personal Data

4.5.1 You may apply for a copy of your personal data held by the Company or request for your personal data to be updated or corrected by addressing your request to our Data Protection Committee.

 4.5.2 Within 10 working days upon receiving your request, we shall: Provide you with a copy of your personal data under our custody and/or other relevant information in accordance with the Act; or Correct your personal data as soon as practicable and inform you that the correction has been made to your personal data; or Inform you that your request to access or correct your personal data is rejected, if the request was made in circumstances predefined by the Act where such access or correction is prohibited or not required.

4.6  Accuracy of Personal Data

4.6.1 You should ensure that all personal data submitted to us is complete and accurate. Failure to do so may result in our inability to provide you with information or services you have requested.

 4.6.2 The Company will make a reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of your personal data under our custody.

4.7  Protection of Personal Data

4.7.1 The Company will take reasonable measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification, unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

4.7.2 To ensure the protection of your personal data, all of our employees are required to keep personal data confidential and only authorized persons have access to such information.

4.8  Contact Our Data Protection Committee

4.8.1 Should you have a complaint or require more information about how we manage your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Committee at:

Data Protection Committee

SolidMicron Technologies Pte Ltd

No. 7 Tuas Drive 1

Singapore 638674

Tel: (65) 6933 8700

Fax: (65) 6933 8720

Email: dpc@solidmicrontech.com