historyYear 2006

  • SolidMicron Technologies is incorporated

Year 2007

  • Achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certification
  • Installed first sintering furnace and started pre-development project on industrial and Medical Products

Year 2008

  • Started Partnership with our main customer in Europe on development of Fuel Injector component for new generation of automotive engine
  • Started MIM process optimization for raw material base on Stainless Steels and Low Carbon alloys

Year 2009

  • Achieved TS 16949:2002 Certification
  • Installed second Sintering furnace with higher capacity
  • Started mass production of Fuel Injector with weekly capacity of 30Kpcs
  • Started mass production of Power tools components for customer based in Europe
  • Received an award from our main Automotive customer – Supplier Convention 2009 Co-Design Award

Year 2010

  • Increased weekly capacity for mass production of Fuel Injector to 100Kpcs
  • Started mass production of micro-motor component for customer based in Europe
  • Started technical discussion and quotation with customer in different industries – automotive, electronic and medical industry

mim_img1Year 2011

  • Increased weekly capacity for mass production of Fuel Injector to max. of 160Kpcs
  • Stared mass production for Digital Camera components for our customer based in USA

Year 2012

  • Commissioned and running new sintering furnace for production capacity expansion
  • Manufacturing plant relocation to western part of Singapore completed on Dec-12
  • Won an Award of Distinction for Fuel Injector component from MPIF Design Excellence Award competition 2012
  • Started Prototype project on Automotive Sensor application.

Year 2013

  • Successfully completed customer audit for new manufacturing plant and re-started mass production of Fuel Injector in Mar-13
  • Increased capacity for mass production and introduction of new components